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Who are we?
The Bayside Toy Library is managed by a voluntary committee of members. Committee members are elected annually at our AGM which is open to all members. Established in 1985, it recognised two fundamental truths: toys cost a lot of money, and kids lose interest in them fast! With over 2,000 items on offer, the BTL can fascinate your child for years to come at a very low cost. The philosophy behind the choice of toys is that they should be multi-functional and require kids to use and develop their own skills. Of course, they are also lots of fun!

The BTL is a not-for-profit toy lending service (for children aged between 6 months and 10 years), which provides families with access to a variety of educational toys to assist with childhood development

Healthy, happy children
Providing access to high quality, affordable and fun toys that educate through play
What makes BTL unique?
BTL isn’t just a lending service. BTL is becoming a community space where families and carers can find answers to how to rise their children healthy and happy, through having fun. BTL is a space where people can share experiences and connect.

BTL has sustainability to its core, practising and encouraging anything that will reduce the impact on our planet, so the generation we are educating can enjoy it. BTL has been around for more than 30 years – that’s a lot of playing time with children!